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18th San Francisco International Symposium on TCM - Men's Health -

Online Zoom Webinar October 15th 2:00-8:30pm PST / 5:00-11:30pm EST 6 PDA/CEUs


The 18th San Francisco International Symposium on Traditional Chinese Medicine - Men's Health will be held online on October 15th from 2:00-8:30 pm PST / 5:00-11:30 pm EST. The event will bring together the most knowledgeable experts on TCM for men's health in the world; there will be six Chinese and American experts in both traditional Chinese and allopathic medicine, aiming at three common conditions: male sexual dysfunction, prostate disease, and oligospermia. 

During the symposium, the professors will introduce the latest research progress in the field of TCM for men's health, share the latest and most standardized treatment protocols, and present their unique approach and prospective research results on andrological diseases. The aim is to foster a collaborative environment and provide valuable insights into the advancements in TCM for men's health. 

Online Zoom Webinar

USA West Coast: October 15th, 2023 2:00-8:30 PM PST
USA East Coast: October 15th, 2023 5:00-11:30 PM EST
China: October 16th, 2023 5:00-11:30 AM CST Beijing Time


Chinese Lectures with Simultaneous English Translation

English Lectures with Simultaneous Chinese Translation

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The World Chinese Medicine Forum is an independent, non-profit academic exchange platform. Its purpose is to shed light on the latest developments, research trends, and pioneering research in the field of Chinese medicine, and to serve as a lively venue for academic discussion and development of the Chinese medicine community.

Past Classes


Join an international cohort of TCM experts for a special 3-hour presentation, streamed live from Jiangyin, China.

Prior Series: Top Experts from China - Digestive Health

Renowned TCM gastroenterologist, Dr. Suiping Huang, returned to the World Chinese Medicine Forum to teach a 4-class series about Traditional Chinese Medicine for a variety of digestive disorders. - A certificate of advanced study is available for participants of all 4 live classes.

Prior Series: Clinical Pearls from Top TCM Experts

Series Finished - Live Online Seminars In English or Chinese with Simultaneous English Translation 12 PDAs/CEUs _ The World Chinese Medicine Forum brings together top experts, professors, and researchers in the field of Chinese medicine, focusing on specialties for which Chinese medicine holds unique advantages. _ In this series, six experts shared the clinical knowledge they've gained from their illustrious careers to help you grow your knowledge in a few of these aforementioned fields.

Prior Series: Top Infertility Experts from China

In Chinese with Simultaneous English Translation - In the first World Chinese Medicine Forum Series, two of China's leading gynecological TCM experts will lead a series of seminars over the course of five months. - Dr. Biqin Wang will teach "Four-step infertility treatment as developed for the Qing Dynasty royal family over a century ago." - Dr. Yong Tan will share "Integrated Application of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Assisted Reproductive Medicine."

Practitioners are saying:

The first Clinical Pearls from Top TCM Experts seminar brought together experts experienced in COVID live from China with professional, detailed and completely medically integrated handouts for an outstanding, rare, authentic and meaningful experience.

I loved the authenticity, flawless delivery and expertise that I have been applying immediately and hope that this format with qualified experts, heads of hospitals who have true knowledge, becomes an ongoing monthly event that I look forward to with a heart ready to receive and a cup of tea.

-Taaliyah Toth, L.Ac