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I do not speak Chinese, can I still attend the course?

Yes! There will be two simultaneous “rooms” in the Zoom meeting - one in Chinese and one in English. The powerpoint presentation will be the same, but you will hear either English or Chinese, based on which room you choose.

How do I register for the series versus only one session?

  • Click "Register Now" on the homepage of

  • Click “Select” to view course options in the drop-down menu

  • Select the courses you’d like to register for

  • Add to your shopping cart

How to use a discount code?

  • After selecting the course, "Add to Cart"

  • Click "View Shopping Cart"

  • Click "Checkout”

  • In the interface that appears after logging in or creating an account, there is a blank space above the price to enter the discount code you obtained

  • Click "After applying" and the discounted price will appear

  • Continue to enter billing information as instructed until payment is made

  • After successful registration, you will receive a registration confirmation

Why does the fee for two courses appear in my shopping cart?

If two fees appear, that means that you have clicked the same course twice during operation. Please delete any duplicates in your cart to reduce accidental charges.

I paid, why didn't I receive the notification of successful registration?

You may not have completed the payment or ended the registration process halfway through. Alternatively, please check to see that your order confirmation didn’t go to your spam folder.

I am a student, how can I sign up to enjoy the sessions for free?

  • Please click "Register Now"

  • Click “Select”

  • Select the "Student Registration" column in the drop-down box and add it to the shopping cart

  • Check the shopping cart to complete the entire registration process until you receive a registration confirmation email

I need credits, how do I register?

Please fill in your certificate type and certificate number when registering, and sign in at the sign-in link sent in the Zoom chat before the end of each respective session.

When do I receive the Zoom link to participate?

We will send it once a day, starting three days prior to the respective sessions launch.

Why haven’t I received the Zoom link to participate?

Please verify that you’ve entered your email address correctly when registering. Once verified and if still not received, please check your spam folder.

I received a meeting notice, so why do I need to register?

The link in the meeting notice is the Zoom link. In order to have your participation counted and to receive PDAs/CEUs, you must sign-in with your first and last name, as well as the same email address that you registered with.

If I have questions during the lecture, how can I ask the lecturer?

Throughout the lecture, please ensure that your microphone is turned off. If you have any questions, please write them in the Zoom chat box.

Do I need to turn on the video during the lecture?

You can choose freely, but when the host asks to turn on your video to take a photo, please turn on your video and leave a good memory.

If I register but can’t attend the live presentation, will there be a replay video for me?

A video playback will be sent to you 5 business days after the meeting. Each video will be available for a limited time. Please note that in order to receive PDAs/CEUs, you must attend the live presentation.

When can I receive the credit certificate?

Since each certificate must be approved by each individual's respective issuing authority, the process may take up to two weeks. We ask that you please wait patiently, and rest assured, you will receive your certificate if you’ve signed-in via the sign-in link sent during the Zoom meeting.

I do not speak Chinese, can I still attend the course?

Yes! There will be two simultaneous “rooms” in the Zoom meeting - one in Chinese and one in English. The powerpoint presentation will be the same, but you will hear either English or Chinese, based on which room you choose.

How do I choose the language I want to listen to on zoom?

  • In your zoom meeting controls, find the "Interpreting" globe-shaped button on the Zoom tool bar

  • After clicking the globe, choose the language (EN/CN) that you’d like to listen to

  • If you only want to hear the translated language, click “Mute Original Audio” option

Important: If you cannot hear a language, try toggling the option on/off

Can I use my mobile device to open Zoom to listen to the class?

If you’d like to listen in the speaker's language (Chinese), you may use your mobile device. However, in order to listen to the interpretation in English, a computer is required.

I signed up, but cannot participate due to special reasons, can I get a refund?

Yes! Please see our refund policy and other policies HERE.














请点击"现在注册",再点击Select,在下拉框中选择最后选择"Student Registration "一栏添加到购物车,再查看购物车,完成整个报名过程,直到收到报名成功的邮件。








会议通知中的链接是ZOOM 会议注册,采用实名制参会,注册邮箱必须与报名的填写的邮箱一致,否则会收不到参会链接。


听课中需要全程关闭麦克风,有疑问请写在Chat box里。










在zoom 上如何选择我想听的语言?

1)在您的zoom 会议控件中,找到 "口译" 地球仪形状按钮。


3)如只想听到被翻译的语言,请点击Mute Original Audio


我可以使用手机打开zoom 听课吗?