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Formula Highlight: Modified Dang Gui Yin Zi for Atopic Dermatitis

Formula Highlight: Modified Dang Gui Yin Zi for Atopic Dermatitis

In the first class of the Top Experts from China: TCM Dermatology Series, Dr. Zhanxue Sun explored internal and external treatment of atopic dermatitis; a condition that affects about 30% of the US population.

Atopic dermatitis (AD) is a chronic, inflammatory skin disease referred to as "four-bend wind" in TCM. It is also the most common type of eczema, a condition that causes skin inflammation, redness, and irritation. AD is characterized by relapsing periods that often cause severe itching and affect the patient's quality of life.

In general, the key pathogenesis of AD includes heart fire, spleen deficiency, and dampness. However, AD presents differently between infants, children, and adolescents and treatment plans should be tailored accordingly.

Dr. Sun shared clinical guidance for a syndrome differentiation that's common in adolescents and adults during a stable period with recurring attacks.

Syndrome of wind and dryness due to blood deficiency

Symptoms: Dry skin, common lichen-like changes in the antecubital fossa and popliteal fossa, nodular prurigo on the trunk and limbs, secondary scratches, severe itching, pale complexion, thin body, poor sleep, dry or loose stools, pale and fat tongue, stringy and thin pulse.

Treatment method: Nourish blood and dispel wind

Formula: Modified Dang Gui Yin Zi

  • Huang Qi 10g
  • Sheng Di Huang 10g
  • Shu Di Huang 10g
  • Bai Shao 10g
  • Dang Gui 10g
  • Chuan Xiong 5g
  • Bai Li Ji 9g
  • Jing Jie 10g
  • Fang Feng 10g

During his lecture, Dr. Sun also explored other syndrome differentiations of AD, provided guidance an accompanying external treatments, suggested patient lifestyle tips, and reviewed medical cases from his own clinical experience.

Dang Gui Yin Zi and other skin health formulas are available through TREASURE OF THE EAST. The full video recording of this class is available HERE for those who are logged in and registered through the World Chinese Medicine Forum. Even though the live class has passed, you can still REGISTER to view the recording and join us for the second class "External Herbal Preparations & Treatments in TCM Dermatology" and learn from Dr. Zhanxue Sun's wealth of clinical success.


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