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Formula Highlight: Xiang Sha Liu Jun Zi Tang for Functional Dyspepsia

Formula Highlight: Xiang Sha Liu Jun Zi Tang for Functional Dyspepsia

In the second class of the Top Experts from China: Digestive Health Series, Dr. Suiping Huang lectured on Functional Dyspepsia in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

In general, Functional dyspepsia (FD) refers to a group of disorders in the upper digestive tracts relating to sensation and movement (peristalis). FD can be characterized by two syndromes:

Meal-Related FD: Postprandial distress syndrome (PDS)
     ○ Postprandial fullness
     ○ Early satiety

Non-Meal Related FD: Epigastric pain syndrome (EPS)
     ○ Upper abdominal pain
     ○ Burning sensation in upper abdomen

While FD has no equivalent in Traditional Chinese Medicine classics, TCM experts propose that PDS is referred to as “stuffiness of stomach” and EPS is referred to as “gastric pain”.

    There are several syndrome differentiations of FD in TCM, one of which is due to Qi Stagnation caused by Spleen Deficiency and is characterized by the following:

    Primary symptoms:
         ○ Stomach stuffiness or distension and pain
         ○ Indigestion and loss of appetite

    Secondary symptoms:
         ○ Belching
         ○ Fatigue
         ○ Loose stools

    Signs of tongue and pulse:
         ○ Pale tongue with thin and white coating
         ○ Thin and string-like pulses

    Diagnosis criteria: two primary and two secondary symptoms with a reference to signs of tongue and pulses can confirm this syndrome.

      For this syndrome, the therapeutic methods should reinforce spleen and harmonize stomach, regulate qi, and relieve distension. Dr. Huang suggests using the formula Xiang Sha Liu Jun Zi Tang and can be modified with Zhi Qiao, Da Fu Pi, and Hou Po for severe distension and abdominal discomfort.

      Dr. Huang presented several other syndrome differentiations of FD and explored the advantages of TCM therapies, clinical experience of other TCM experts, and contemporary clinical research of FD.

      Xiang Sha Liu Jun Tang is available through Treasure of the East as a granule formula and also in capsules.

      The full video recording of this session is available HERE for those who are logged in and registered through the World Chinese Medicine Forum. Even though the live class has passed, you can still REGISTER to view the recording and learn from Dr. Suiping Huang’s wealth of clinical experience.

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