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Four-step treatment for infertility Session 1: Introduction of Infertility in TCM

Four-step treatment for infertility Session 1: Introduction of Infertility in TCM


02/15/2022 EST 8:00PM-10:00PM, PDT 5:00PM-7:00PM

2 credits for each PDA/CEU course

Enrollment for a single course: $50


In this session, Dr Wang will be addressing the basic concept of Infertility in both its Western and Chinese Medicine contexts, as well as the recognition of the disease and change of its name in the history of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Infertility, called BUYUN, or BIJING (among other names), has been described in ancient TCM books since Chunqiu, about 2,500 years ago. Understandings of etiology and the pathogenesis of infertility in TCM were gradually developed and described mainly in the following aspects: Kidney deficiency, Qi and Blood deficiency, Liver Qi stagnation, Blood stagnation in uterus and ovaries, Spleen deficiency and phlegm stagnation, emotional and mental disorders, congenital defects, etc. The TCM treatment principles and methods of infertility were then developed based on the above-mentioned understandings.


Dr. Biqin Wang introduction

China's top infertility expert in the royal four-step infertility protocol

Dr. Wang is a renowned Chinese gynecologist, chief physician, professor, and supervisor to graduate students at the Dongzhimen Hospital of Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Dr. Wang won the People's Doctor Award in 2016 in China and was a visiting scholar at Massachusetts Medical School in the United States. Dr. Wang studied under the famous TCM gynecologist Prof. Guo Zhiqiang, and serves as Executive Vice President of Guo Zhiqiang’s Academic Research Association of the Beijing Royal Medical Research Association. Dr. Wang is a former member of the Chinese Gynecology Academic Committee, Executive Director of the Gutuo Therapy Professional Committee of the World Federation of TCM, Vice President of Gynecology Branch of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine of China Folk Traditional Chinese Medicine Research and Development Association. Dr. Wang has published 12 professional books and more than 20 paper during over 40 years of clinical, teaching, and scientific research work in gynecology and has helped over 100,000 women become pregnant.


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