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名医名家临证专长 精选系列课程




第二季 名医名家临证专长精选系列

在线论坛 中英双语同声传译 12学分 PDA/CEU _ 论坛汇聚了中医药领域的顶尖专家、教授和研究人员,聚焦中医药具有独特优势的专科。 _ 在本季论坛中,六位专家将分享他们从杰出的职业生涯中获得的专业临床知识,以帮助您在上述几个领域中学习成长。


Clinical Pearls from Top TCM ExpertsFree

我们邀请6位杰出的中医专家参加一系列课程,分享各种常见病症的临床知识。 一次性购买所有6门课程可节省 60 美元!


Practitioners are saying:

The first Clinical Pearls from Top TCM Experts seminar brought together experts experienced in COVID live from China with professional, detailed and completely medically integrated handouts for an outstanding, rare, authentic and meaningful experience. I loved the authenticity, flawless delivery and expertise that I have been applying immediately and hope that this format with qualified experts, heads of hospitals who have true knowledge, becomes an ongoing monthly event that I look forward to with a heart ready to receive and a cup of tea.

-Taaliyah Toth, L.Ac

第一季 顶尖不孕不育专家系列

中英文同声传译 - 全球中医药论坛第一季“不孕不育名医名家论坛系列”,邀请国内顶级妇科中医专家:王必勤、谈勇,进行为期5个月的不孕不育教学培训。 - 王必勤主任将在本次论坛中传授“清皇室御用,传承百年特色不孕不育四步疗法” - 谈勇博士将分享“中医药与辅助生殖医学的综合应用 ”