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Formula Highlight: Si Shen Hu Xin Tang for Panic Disorder

Formula Highlight: Si Shen Hu Xin Tang for Panic Disorder

In the sixth and final class of the Clinical Pearls from Top TCM Experts series, Dr. Guohua Yang lectured on treating emotional disorders with TCM.

During her lecture, Dr. Yang explored panic disorder, one of the most common types of anxiety conditions. There are several types of TCM syndromes of panic disorder, however, according to Dr. Yang’s clinical observations and experience over the years, the most important panic disorder syndrome in clinical practice is Qi deficiency of heart and gallbladder (liver). 

The symptoms of this condition include:

    • Easy to fright, timid fear
    • Palpitations and restlessness
    • Vigilance especially when there is movement, aversion to noises
    • Dreaminess
    • Chest tightness and shortness of breath
    • Fatigue, easy awakening
    • Pale tongue, thin white tongue coating, rapid pulse

The TCM treatment of this condition is based on Tian Wang Bu Xin & An Shen Ding Zhi. Si Shen Hu Xin Decoction was formulated to nourish the heart and gallbladder, and to calm the heart and mind.

Formula ingredients:

    • Dang Shen 10g
    • Sha Shen 20g
    • Dan Shen 10g
    • Xuan Shen 6g
    • Zhi Qiao 12g
    • Wu Wei Zi 6g
    • Sheng Long Chi 30g
    • Fu Ling 30g
    • Huang Lian 6g

Ingredient analysis:

    • “Si Shen” - four types of Shen used in this formula:
      • Dang Shen & Sha Shen: nourishes qi and yin to strengthen the foundation
      • Dan Shen: nourishes blood, activates blood, removes blood stasis, calms the heart and mind
      • Xuan Shen: generates kidney water in shaoyin to replenish the heart, calms the heart and mind, 
    • Other herbs and their purpose:
      • Zhi Qiao: regulates Qi, eliminates the greasy things in nourishing yin
      • Wu Wei Zi: the sourness is used to constrain the heart Qi, and cooperates with Zhi Qiao to obtain the effects of opening and closing
      • Fu Ling: invigorates the spleen, replenishes Qi, calms the mind
      • Sheng Long Chi: subdue the mind
      • Huang Lian: subdue the heart fire, making shaoyin monarch fire and kidney water replenish each other

Dr. Yang also presented modifications for varying symptoms, explained the clinical study behind the design of this formula, and shared her clinical success with Si Shen Hu Xin Tang.

The ingredients of Si Shen Hu Xin Tang are available through Treasure of the East and the full video recording of this session is available HERE for those who are logged in and registered through the World Chinese Medicine Forum.

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